Sunday, April 26, 2015

STAAR Week, Woop, We made it!

From STAAR, to Math D.A. testing, writing benchmark scoring, Earth Day, Horton, a reptile visit to school, my little girl's birthday, and a sweet visitor... it's easy to say it's been a long busy week.  So here are a few fun activities we enjoyed this week to help us with our quiet days.

We love using language cards to help guide our number talks!  Thank you for the idea, "Thank God It's FIRST GRADE" over at, We love our math talk game for subtraction! <3
Independent writing on stickies about our old/new schema    
CVC sound search: What sound = what letter is at the end
Ms. Lewis' and my classes writing and crafty response to reading!
Thank you for making this cute template Amanda, over at Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!

Sneaky reptile, "I had my eyes closed!"
Look at that tongue!


"You want a kiss"
BOYS... got to love 'em!
Birthday morning for little Sis.
Her birthday weekend party surprise!
They jumped for hours, OF COURSE!
Awe we love you Sleeping Beauty!
Thanks for visiting us this weekend. <3